Our Mission

Opinioner’s mission is to connect political candidates with potential voters. We believe that it is too difficult for new political candidates to reach out to voters to understand their needs and best serve the public. We want to help give voters and upcoming politicians a way to get their voice heard.

For The People

We envision politics being driven from voters and not from politicians. Our platform focuses on allowing any and all candidates, with or without political backing, to match with potential voters. In this way, we hope to make politics more merit based and focused on improving life for citizens.

We are also determined to make sure elected officials and candidates are aware of voter opinions. In many public issues, elected officials can be on one side of the issue while a majority of citizens may be on the other side. Elected officials may listen to the vocal minority when the silent majority does not agree. Our platform aims to give everybody their voice. Even if you do not have the time or energy to participate compared to some others, your vote and voice should count the same.


We aim to make politics more transparent by giving incentives to politicians and candidates to communicate directly to voters. Oftentimes political decisions are made hidden from voters. We want to open the conversation so every day citizens can get some view of what is happening and how it affects them.

Modernize Politics

Opinioner tries to provide efficient solutions to problems in politics, and in many cases this involves use of technology. We see a lot of the current ways citizens and politicians are connected not using modern technologies; canvasing by walking door to door or town halls that require physical presence and are not broadcast. We want to bring politics into the future in order to best provide for voters and our society.

Data Focus

Opinioner believes in driving decisions from data. We aim to provide users with the data they need to make an informed decision at the polls. We also aim to foster voter discussion focused around data and practical concerns.