Who is this for?

We are available to all US Citizens over the age of 18. You should register to vote first before using our service. Follow the guide here if you need to register to vote: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote.

Why am I not receiving any emails from Opinioner?

We only email users when there is a good match with a political candidate running for office in their voter districts. If your preferences are too stringent, or there are no elections in your area coming up, there may not be many political candidates to match you with. Opinioner will notify you when there is a good match. 

Will I get notifications about candidates I don’t care about?

We are committed to making sure only serious and qualified candidates are able to chat with our users. We will only match you with candidates that are running for office in your voter district and match your preferences. We have a manual vetting process we do personally in order to ensure user satisfaction.

Is my personal information secure?

We do our best to keep your data secure. Read more on our Data Security Page

How can I contact you?

Please email us at admin@opinioner.org