Data Security

Opinioner is committed to keeping your data secure. Your data is only transmitted as needed to provide our service. All data is kept in a secure database. Below we outline how we use each of the fields we collect in our signup form and how we share them. In this context, ‘share’ refers to voluntary disclosure of your data as it pertains to Opinioner’s service.

First and Last Name

We use your first and last name primarily to verify your voter registration. We also use your first name to share with political candidates that may be interested in talking to you. Your last name is not shared to political candidates without your consent.

Contact Info

We use your email and phone number to contact you. It is not shared to political candidates or third parties without your consent.

Address and Date of Birth

We use your address, date of birth, and full name to determine your voter districts and to verify your voter registration. It is not shared to political candidates or third parties without your consent.

Personal Blurb

Your personal blurb is shared with political candidates that match your preferences and may be interested in chatting with you. We will not share with others that do not match our candidate vetting process.

Chat Preferences

Your chat preferences are used to best set you up with a chat with a political candidate. It will not be shared in connection with your personal information, but may be shared in aggregation with other users’ data (i.e. 50% of users prefer to use Skype).

Only Vetted Candidates Can Access Limited Data

We do our best to only contact you with the candidates who best match your preferences. We validate that candidates are running for office in your voter district and confirm that candidates are serious and have good chances of winning.

Data Deletion and Unsubscribe

You can always unsubscribe from our service and delete all personally identifying data we store. If you wish to do so, you can contact us To unsubscribe, you can also go to the below link, replacing YOUR_EMAIL with your email address:

Privacy Policy

For more info, check out our Privacy Policy